Matsuri  J-Classic3

AUN J Classic Orchestra’s third original album. With ‘matsuri,’ or summer festival as a theme, each song is composed as a reflection of a member’s own image of matsuri. There are different meanings to the words pronounced ‘matsuri,’including summer festival, Shinto rituals, dedication, and politics. Each of these different meanings is infused into a song. In addition to the eight songs written for this album, it covers many affiliated pieces such as KASSAI, Yokohama DeNABaystars’ theme song that is internationally popular at live concerts, BASARA, tie-up song for MXTV program ‘Handsome Rakugo Hour,’ Ise-Shima, a theme song for Mie IseShima Summit’s PR movie, Wabi, tie-up song for Hikone City.
CD  Released on:  August 31, 2016

Tracks (12 tracks)
1.KENRAN BASARA / 2.Manju no Akari ni Omoi wo Hasete / 3.Yaezakura / 4.Wabi ~ONE and ONLY HIKONE〜 / 5.Oretachi no Boogie Woogie / 6.Musuhi / 7.GO!ON!! / 8.Haru Ichiban〜Sakura da Washioi〜 / 9.HI High Hyper / 10.KASSAI / 11.Matsuri〜AUN J Dance / 12.Ise-Shima(Bonus Track)

Sound Collection

A compilation album to fully enjoy the exclusive sound of AUN J Classic Orchestra containing the popular songs selected from the original albums, Michi and Hachinin no Hibiki. On top of the selection of the best, the album includes From the Far East and GIFT which appear in an album for the first time. From the Far East was requested by many fans at Untitled Concert to be recorded in an album. GIFT is an ending theme of the documentary film, Umi Yama Aida. It is a bargain album with 16 songs including 2 bonus tracks.
CD  Released on:  August 31, 2016

Tracks (16 tracks)
1.Oriental Journey / 2.Go West 53 / 3.Aoi Bara / 4.Sakura Komichi / 5.Ocean / 6.From The Far East / 7.Shiroi Tsuioku / 8.Zangetsu / 9.RAN / 10.74J / 11.TRICK STAR / 12.Umi no Michi / 13.GIFT / 14.Michi / 15.THE WIN(Bonus Track)/ 16.SAND STORM(Bonus Track


Our second album that contains the J-pop songs of sakura, or the cherry blossoms will tell you how much sakura is loved by the people in Japan.
CD  On sale:  3rd Feb 2010
New edition on sale: 23rd Mar 2016

Tracks (11 tracks)
1.Sakura iro Maukoro-Mika Nakajima / 2.SAKURA-ikimonogakari / 3.SAKURA-Naotaro Moriyama / 4.SAKURA-Kobukuro / 5.Sakura iro-Angela Aki / 6.SAKURA DROPS-Hikaru Utada / 7.SAKURA-Kyogo Kawaguchi/ 8.SAKURA ZAKA-Masaharu Fukuyama / 9.Haru yo Koi-Yumi Matsutoya / 10.SAKURA-KETSUMEISHI / 11.SAKURA SAKURA-Tadao Sawai

In the Moonlight

"In the Moonlight", composed by AUNJ CLASSIC ORCHESTRA's Shakuhachi artist Hideki Ishigaki, is now available for download from iTunes!! This piece was composed for the 3rd "ONE ASIA Joint Concert" that took place in Laos in 2015.
The motif of this piece is the moon on the flag of Laos, and the images of people gathering under the moonlight for a feast.
Download Only. Available from 16th Mar 2016

1. In the Moonlight


This album records the collaboration pieces of Japanese traditional folk songs, reassembled by French Bossa Nova Artist Clémentine and AUN J CLASSIC ORCHESTRA!
CD  On sale:  14th Oct 2015

Tracks (9 tracks)
1. JAPON ~opening~/2. Allez MOMOTARO/ 3. DONPAN Rhapsody/ SHOJOJI 4. après-midi 5. soirée/ 6. Tinsagunu Fleur / 7. I-TSU-KI/ 8. YOSAKOI/ 9. DONPAN Rhapsody (instrumental)

Wagakki de Ghibli!!

Our first album covers the tracks in Studio Ghibli’s popular animations. Feel the world of Ghibli from a different angle! The renewal of the album jacket makes this album even more heart-warming the ever!
CD  On sale:  17th Dec 2008
New edition on sale : 14th Oct 2015

Tracks (13 tracks)
1.Gakeno Ueno Ponyo (Ponyo) / 2.Sanpo (My Neighbor Totoro) / 3.Kazeno Tohrimichi (My Neighbor Totoro) / 4.Hareta Hini (Kiki’s Delivery Service) / 5.Jinsei no Mary-go-round (Howl’s Moving Castle) / 6.Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke) / 7.Tonarino Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro) / 8.Itsumo Nandodemo (Sprited Away) / 9.Therru no Uta (Tales from Earthsea) / 10.Kazeno Tanino Nausicaa (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind) / 11.Nausicaa・Requiem (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind) / 12.Kimiwo Nosete (Castle in the Sky) / 13.Itsudemo Darekaga (Pom Poko)

From The Far East

Composed by Chuzao Shamisen artist, Hideki Onoue, “From The Far East” is now available for download from iTunes!
This composition is also a collaboration with the “Nara Oriental Festival”.
Onoue states:
“Considering the meanings of starting from “Historic City Nara”, and that Nara is “the final destination of the Silkroad” have helped for the composition of this piece. Nara being a place where different cultures came across from the sea with many people, it absorbed and merged, developing its unique culture. In this piece is a message of appreciation, the desire to spread the wonderfulness of this country and for an everlasting future, from the “Far East”, Japan. ”
Download Only . On sale : 14th Feb 2015

1.From The Far East

Hear of the Great River

Composed by Michiko Yamada.Composed for the "ONE ASIA" concert that took place on December 2014.
Download Only  Available from  10th Dec 2014

1. Heart of the Great River



"Octet", an album that means the composition of eight instruments. The second album from AUNJ Classic Orchestra, who spreads the wonderfulness of Japanese interments, are covers of famous works of classical music! The 6 tracks include "Bolero", that won great applaud from guests of honor from 40 countries at Angkor Wat, and "Canon", which they played at Rome, Italy.
CD On sale: 12th Nov 2014

Tracks (6 tracks)
1.Bolero / Maurice Ravel
2.Turkischer Marsch / Amadeus Mozart
3.Rhapsody in Blue / George Gershwin
4.La Pathetique / Ludwig van Beethoven
5.From the New World / Antonin Dvorak
6.Canon / Johann Pachelbel


 ONE ASIA ジョイントコンサート IN アンコールワット

The first DVD of AUN J Classic Orchestra has been released!
It record the whole live which made ONE ASIA beyond the country and language.
Not only AUN J Classic Orchestra, but in this concert we collaborate with Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam traditional instrument in front of the world heritage, Angkor Wat.
DVD On sale: 10th Sep 2014

Tracks (14 Tracks)



Our first mini album includes three songs, ONE ASIA Glorious Moment, which has been composed to play with the artists from four different countries in Asia for the occasion of ONE ASIA Joint Concert, Michael Jackson’s Heal the World, and Kassai, with 32-page photography insert.
CD  On sale 2nd Feb 2014

Tracks (3 Tracks)
1.ONE ASIA 〜Glorious Moment〜 / 2.HEAL THE WORLD / 3.ーKASSAIー


Our soulful 5th album includes 9 songs of which 8 songs were composed by each member of AUN J Classic Orchestra and one is a bonus track.
CD  On sale  13th Mar 2013

Tracks (9 tracks)
1.RAN / 2.Sakura Komichi / 3.Oriental Journey / 4.Ocean / 5.Shiroi Tsuioku / 6. TRICK STAR / 7.SAVANNAH / 8.Ren-u / 9.Go West 53

Utsukushiki Nippon no Hibiki

The character of Hibiku, meaning to resonate, writes ‘the sound of home.‘ We created the new sound of Japan and recorded in Utsukushiki Nippon no Hibiki, which means the beautiful sound of Japan, to forever remember what happened to our beautiful country in spring of 2011.
CD  On sale 11th Mar 2012

Tracks (13 tracks)
1.Kokyo / 2.Umi / 3.Hamabe no Uta / 4.Yuyake Koyake / 5.Aogeba Tohtoshi / 6. Machibohke / 7.Hana / 8.Momiji / 9.Yashino Mi / 10.Oboro Tsukiyo / 11.Sunayama/ 12.Konomichi / 13.Mura Matsuri


Michi〜Road〜 J Classic 1

Our first original album, which proves that Japanese instruments are fun and cool with a sense of nostalgy.
CD On Sale 9th Feb 2011

Tracks (11 tracks)
1.Michi / 2.Tabidachi / 3.Sunset / 4.Ai-Blue / 5.Umino Michi / 6.Zangetsu / 7.Fugetsu / 8.Aoi Bara / 9.Playback / 10.1969-11 / 11.74J


We composed a theme song for the pitcher Mamoru Kishida of Orix Buffalos. As he enters the ground, the song begins slowly with wadaiko and shamisen, and pumps up like a festival as he walks to the mount.

CD  On sale 23rd Oct 2013