Hideki Onoue
尾上 秀樹



Takes part in:
Theatre "Taiheiyo Jyokyoku", TV"The Shonen Club", film "Twighlight sasarasaya", game "Monster Hunter Cross", "Moonlight Station" by SEKAI NO OWARI .
An awardee of the first and the special prize at the 1st Terem Crossover International Music Competition in 2010, St. Petersburg, in an unit, HIDE+HIDE, with a Shakuhachi artist Hideki Ishigaki.
Studied to his mother, Master Fujimoto Yaoji, from the age of six.
Besides his Shamisen studies, he took part in a rock band as a bassist in the 90s.
2001 Returned to Shamisen after the breakup of the band
2006 Formed "HIDExHIDE" with Shakuhachi artist Hideko Ishigaki
2007 Debuted with "Nihon~Neojapanesque~" from SONY MUSIC DIRECT
2009 Released album "nostalgia" from Heart Label. The album was released in Japan and Russia. He performed two of the songs from the album at the Grand Kremlin Palace in the same year.
He strives to become a unique and original Shamisen artist.



Shamisen is a three-stringed instrument which radiates sound with a pick called bachi. In the 16th century, a similar stringed instrument called sanshin was brought to the main island Japan from Ryukyu, present Okinawa, and to the hands of the biwa players who modified it, using bachi to pluck and making its body with different materials. When shamisen spread to all over the island, various sorts of shamisen music were created such as nagauta, gidayu, tokiwazu, kiyomoto, jiuta, shin-nai, and tsugaru, at the same time adjusting its shape according to each musical style.
The players of shamisen are Hideki Onoue for mid-body, Ryohei and Kohei Inoue for large-body tsugaru shamisen.